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Qsynth 0.3.2 (unstable-qt4) is out!

Yes, it's about time. Much as the long due FluidSynth 1.0.8 release, really "Its about funky time!". Time also for season greetings and some gift exchange. Don't ask for a second best, here you have the finest pair of socks for the holiday ;)

Qsynth 0.3.2 (unstable-qt4) is out!

Qsampler 0.2.1 (unstable-qt4) released!

On the verge of the first coming LinuxSampler release that is tailored for (surprise, surprise...) Windows, here is what follows from a recent announcement here. This is it:

Qsampler 0.2.1 (unstable-qt4) has been released!

The Adolescence Prime

Before getting into great details, a new alpha-release got its heads up:

Qtractor (adolescence prime) is out!

This probably marks a subtle but important milestone in the project life-cycle, if it has any. Yes, Qtractor aims to be a fairly featured Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer for the Linux GUI desktop, with the personal home-studio in mind. Although still in a so called alpha phase of software development, it is known to be already functional and productive, at least for me ;)

Qsampler migrated to Qt4

At last, the remaining of the Q-suite audio applications to reach the highest purity status is now a done deed. Qsampler migration to Qt4 has been completed. With lots of breadcrumbs laying in the ground, still...

The Twelfth Tight

Another weekend, another alpha-decay burst coming out from this lone star. Or else. Alpha, because Qtractor is still on such a phase of development. Decay, well, it should apply to bug counting, sure, that's it. However, as all things in software life-cycle, major bugs only get noticed right after the release party. So there it goes, bug hunting season is now open again:

Qtractor (twelfth tight) has been pre-released!


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