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I see good PDF manual for Qtractor but not much tutorials online. I like OSS but do not have much money, so I donate time instead. I wonder if you interested in setting up a Wiki for Qtractor and other tools. Although PDF covers well I think it helps if people also have online reference. Anyway, if you interested I can help editing Wiki, just a thought. I have edited Wikipedia and one other Wiki for a OSS project before, so I know how to edit well. But I won't lie, I can't host it :) Not a super good offer, I know, but maybe it could help people, even if it is close copy of PDF.

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a wiki has been created now,

you'll have to register on and then i'll give you member rights to edit the wiki as you please.


Looks good, however, when I try and log in with my source forge account the page never loads. I am using Firefox .

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now i can't really help you much in there, it looks like a / browser / user problem ...
try whether you can access the wiki without signing in, or whether it works after you sign in again?


This is quite weird but there isn't any problem when I'm signed out. I'll try with a different browser.

Moved from another thread:
i would just suggest joining the higher standard in writing excellence of the (pretty) older user manual (.odt) with the accessibility and top-notch friendliness of the (not so)newer quick start guide and user manual (.epub), as much as humanly possible ;)

Yes, looking at the both of them, I can see what you mean. I would be happy to do some grunt work in this regard, but I'm not highly skilled in document format conversions etc... I'm not opposed to learning, though. The sourceforge wiki uses markdown, so if we were to use that as a base, we could build web and print documents from that. I think the important thing is to have a good web version of the docs, personally. Epub is basically html, so that might also be a good base format if not trying to get it all on the wiki.

@planar2 - I didn't have any trouble with the wiki using firefox, as long as cookies are enabled, etc.

The 3.0 manual has been wikified, more or less. This is a really nice document, in my opinion, and hopefully most of it can be retained with a little updating... unfortunately, I'm not (yet) intimately familiar with qtractor enough to know which sections need updating. Also, the references still need moving from the appendix to the pages that refer to them, at which point an appendectomy may be in order. If the manual can be kept to ~6 wiki pages or so, it won't be too hard to collect the markdown and create an epub or html page once things are up-to-date. Hope I've got the right idea... :)

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excellent. one suggestion, if you don't mind, please prefix all pages with something or distinctive label. eg. "Qtractor 0.3.0 User Manual - ..." or "Q030 - ..." for short. if you ever get to make it also from the last quick-start user guide & manual, i would give it a "Qtractor 0.5.x User Manual - ..." or "Q05X - ..." prefix, for instance... the purpose of this is to freeze the original manuals as baselines in the whole wiki set and then start with a brand new scratch set or whatever, probably with no prefix at all.

hope you get what i mean

...the purpose of this is to freeze the original manuals as baselines in the whole wiki set and then start with a brand new scratch set or whatever, probably with no prefix at all.
Good idea, I tried to do this with the "Qtractor Manual 3.0" page, but the wiki choked on it, so I'll have to try again. In any case, the pages prefixed with "Manual" can be updated in the meantime - they've already begun the transformation from print to wiki mode. It seems to me that any wiki page that's a part of a larger document should have a document title prefix, for cohesion purposes. I'll try to get to the quick-start guide soon, as well.

Old 0.3.0 manual has been added to wiki pages verbatim (in three parts, because of page size limitations). It's about as close of a representation as the wiki medium makes feasible, anyway. If the wiki gives you the option, you can go ahead and "freeze" the pages after looking them over and making any changes you feel like...

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you're doing a great job. many thanks indeed.

however, at the the time of this comment, i still can't figure out which pages are of which manual thought. the suggested Q030 / " Qtractor 0.3.0 User Manual - ..." and Q05X / "Qtractor 0.5.x User Manual - ... " prefixes aren't being used yet, at least in a uniform way, are they?

on the side, the whole wiki may well get frozen (as in freeze:)) or exported into a json/zip file anytime. then it would be just a matter of custom scripting to convert the whole bundle into something like xhtml and then .epub or else. just guessing, but probably there are some ready-made scripts for just that, otherwise it might be a good weekend project on our own, what you say?



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