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Qtractor doesn't find the Calf plugins

This is my first post :).
I've installed Qtractor 0.8.0, and, in a tutorial. But, Qtractor have not all the calf plugins (they are all installed, with "Calf Jack Host", in /usr/lib/calf and /usr/lib/lv2/)

In the plugin tab, I've only (in the combo box) "VST" and "LADSPA". I've try to specify the path, but ... no succes :(

Can u help me please ?


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Your Qtractor build doesn't seem to have LV2 plug-in support compiled in--check it out on the Help/About...

Otherwise you would see the "LV2" option on the plugin type combo-box drop--down list.

If you installed from source, please make sure you have all the development packages for LV2 plugin support build: lv2-dev, liblilv-dev, libsratom-dev, libsord-dev, libserd-dev and while we're at it, also libsuil-dev (>= 0.8.4).


Yes, it's working now !
Thanks a lot :)

Have a nice day

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