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U-He plugins...

... Protoverb, BeatZille, Podolski... no longer available in/to 0.8.1.
Ubuntu 16.04


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is that a question?

nope. there's no reason whatsoever for the (native linux VST) U-he plug-ins not being available on qtractor v0.8.1.

what are evidences of your affirmation?

Yeah, no not a question a recent observation.

When attempting to add one of those plugins to a track, typing in the name brings no result. Path to the .vst directory is correct.

Odd behaviour, as i never had the problem before and the plugin loads in previous sessions.


this from the 'message' window where the plugin is present...

no deskTopFile found
Trying setUniqueID(1969770582)...
setUniqueID (1969770582)
Saving registration code to /home/me/.u-he/Protoverb/Support/com.u-he.Protoverb.user.txt
failed to open /home/me/.u-he/Protoverb/Support/com.u-he.Protoverb.user.txt to read registration key
HOST 'Qtractor'
Starting REVISION 4408
DelayNetWorks random 166.11 after 14277 rounds
Using vector extension SSE3
new instance of AM_PreferencesAudio created for Protoverb # 1
Structure 0 - 5
loadPreferences() - Protoverb
void AM_AudioMan::createMidiPrograms()
Preset from 'Protoverb'
Params: press button
Structure 0 - 0
Seed 0
OMG... need to reseed
DoublettesInRange 0.00
collisionLaw ran 15 tests
No Bridges
stateInfoLevel level back to 0
getMidiAssignPath(): /support/com.u-he.Protoverb.midiassign.txt
READING midiAssignFile

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Odd behaviour, as i never had the problem before and the plugin loads in previous sessions.

you mean that the plugins, inserted on previously existing sessions files, loads fine? but trying to add a new they just doesn't show up on VST plug-in discovery/selection?

if that's so, try first to backup your ~/.u-he directory, where you installed your U-he plug-ins, and start re-installing one by one from scratch on a new and empty ~/.u-he directory; on each install, test whether the VST discovery process is successful, by showing up on listing, one at a time; if none appears still, then it's some other VST plugin, not from u-he, that is crashing the discovery process too early: you'll have to investigate which one is the culprit, by starting over from ~/.vst contents perhaps.


"you'll have to investigate which one is the culprit, by starting over from ~/.vst contents perhaps."

will give it a go and report back soon-ish.



yep, conflicts with some other plugin. still sifting thru to find the offender.

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maybe, just a suggestion, you can start by backing up ~/.vst to somewhere else, say ~/.vst.bak, and then copy/move one by one into a brand new and empty ~/.vst directory.

the one-by-one, one-step-at-a-time chore shall include each one of the symlinks under ~/.vst.bak/u-he, of course.

it's a boring to death of a task, i know, but ultimately it will get you to a sane set of VSTs, nevertheless.


"...the one-by-one, one-step-at-a-time chore..."

that's been my course of action. taking my time with long breaks along the way.

getting close. ten more to go.

will report back when i snag the culprit.


concluded that out of 63 vsts in my particular batch, 9 seem to be in direct conflict with the u-he choices. of the 9, 7 are synth-port types. the other 2, an analyser and notch filter. What they all have in common is being built using the Juce format.

conversely, removing the u-he(s) and re-introducing the otherwise problematic nine - all is rosey.

the radium compressor also has a buddy problem, but i'll run that down another day... or week... or month.... or...

thanks again,

cheers - distrho/ports - distrho/ports - distrho/ports - mucoder - teragonaudio - distrho/ports - mucoder - tunefish-synth - distrho/ports

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