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Hi to all and bug found in PadthV1

Hi to everyone, (this is my first post here) :)

First off, thanks for all the great apps, rncbc! They are really good!!

I installed the git version of PadthV1 and (almost) all seems to be working fine. However, two problems:

(I wasn't able to log in to Sourceforge to post the bugs there, so apologies if this is not the right place.)

- twice the synth locked up while playing notes and changing the values of the harmonics levels. (all works fine if I don't play notes while changing the harmonic levels)

- I got this message in the terminal once, and had to restart the synth:

SuspendRefNum error
JackClient::Execute error name = padthv1
Server is not running

However, QJackCtl was indeed still running and usable with other instruments.




No problem. (Now you know how I feel about all things programming-wise! :D )
I have lots to learn myself, in music, in computers, in...... just about every field there is!

Personally, I like the mono (retrigger) mode just as much as the "legato" or "smooth" mode. They both have their place, I guess.

So I suppose I should do a new git-clone-build thingy? If I do it in the same directory as before, will it overwrite the previous version?


I'm testing out Padthv1 at my laptop that uses Ubuntu Studio 14.04 / KXstudio. Running the current KXstudio repo version (2:0.8.4-1kxstudio2v5) and playing it using the Virtual Keyboard (ver.1.9). I have the same issue of Padthv1 automatically disconnecting from Jack when saving a preset. I'm using Alsa-Midi to connect, and I have the Fusion style selected (and no native dialogs checked).

The presets are indeed saved; but I then have to close and restart Padthv1.

EDIT: the same problem occurs when loading a preset. (when using the folder button to the left of the dropdown preset list) I haven't tested it on the Git version yet.


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one question: does the other V1s suffer from this same phenomenon or is it just padthv1_jack ?


Added webpage for Padthv1, with a bank of presets (more than the previous archive I posted here). Cool synth! ;)

Let me know if there is any incorrect info in the description, or if I should add something.


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waveforms can be further shaped with Rectangle, Triangle, Welch, Hann and Gauss logarithms

technically speaking, this things named as Rectangle, Triangle, Welch, Hann and Gauss are indeed not about (time domain) waveforms but rather refers to the (frequency domain) "apodization", or better said, the window function that shapes or spreads over band-width on each partial or harmonic component along the spectrum. And yes, the Width parameter means band-width of each component ;)

yeah, all geek speak.

I don't mind the "geek speak" at all. :) Sometimes I understand the explanations, sometimes I just try to get a "feel" for what the particular function does to the sound. (In this case, more the latter than the former! :D )

Still, I looked at the wikipedia link, and also found this: , particularly the section about digital audio. It sounds as though the "ringing" is similar to aliasing. ?

I updated the webpage. Let me know if it's better or not:


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who would tell?

perhaps it's been uh funny that this new mono(phonic) mode is dang evidence that "playing a mono-synth with two hands" ain't that a laughable subject anymore... think about all the trolling that went on and on Synth Memes!...

now, anyone who has access to a simple MIDI keyboard that spans over more than a lousy couple of octaves (ie. 25keys+) may come forward and tell the dang truth: playing a mono-synth (eg. a v1 with their new mono modalities) with two, yes two (2) hands, is quite frankly A thing and a blast of a performance resource... who would tell?

yeah, mini-keys? wtf?


ps. these new so called mono-modes are curently found on git head master branches only, for the time being.

Hi rncbc,
I hope all is well.
I've added a few new presets to my preset bank here:

There's something you might want to check; if you load a monophonic preset in the bank (eg. MonoLove), try holding an initial key with one hand, and play legato notes in the other hand. You will hear the initial tone being retriggered together with the legato notes.

For the rest, it's a ton of fun! :)


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hey thanks.

re. mono/legato issue: oops, it looks like after all the two-hands on a mono buster is backfiring on me.
ok. will try to fix that, unless you want to keep the fun as it is--think of a performance special feature and not quite a bug? ;)

[UPDATE:] a probable fix has been pushed to git head, master branch of course, re. two-hands-on-mono/legato issue--please test && tell.


Hi rncbc,
sorry for the delay. If I did the git bit correctly, I still get the "bug" (or new feature, depending on how one wants to see it! :) ).

Just to be sure we're on the same page... my version of PadthV1 is:
Is this the right one? (I had to do the "make install" part as root on my machine.)



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