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Qtractor + Hydrogen synchronization

Hi everyone, I'm new here and quite new to Linux Audio production.. I have a problem trying to use Qtractor and Hydrogen.
I reached to synchronize Ardour and Hydrogen, when starting Jack from the transport "play" button they go together.
Doing the same thing with Qtractor and Jack instead seems not to properly work.. They start toghether but in Qtractor I see the cursor acting strange, slowing down and then running, and the same thing happens to the sounds coming from Hydrogen, with unexisting pauses, stops, reprising...
Does anyone use Hydrogen with Qtractor?
Am I doing something wrong?
I already tried setting the 4 transport modes available in Qtractor and the release is up to date.
Thank to everyone!

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hello and welcome
1st. you'll have to choose one and only one to be the master onto which the other will be slave; ok, this IS mostly about timebase, like which one dictates tempo (BPM) and whatever... nevermind...
2nd. while using qtractor 0.9.0 (full transport mode ie.master+slave) and hydrogen 1.0.0beta1 (default config): no issues have been found with jack-transport at least like the ones you report...
so then i'll ask: are you sure all is up to date?

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