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re. bach_inventions MIDI track by simonetto...

i dunno what you're talking about... but if is remotely related to Calf Fluidsynth LV2 plugin, and if you're referring to a GM soundfont/sf2, you'll be better off inserting it to an MIDI output bus (eg. MIDI Master) than making it on a MIDI track, which would only render to one MIDI channel aka. one soundfont instrument/patch/preset.

once you do that, maybe you can just import a whole multi-track/channel MIDI standard file arrangement composition and hear and behold!... :)

re. quits Qtractor, [do] jackdbus stops?

let me say this way: jackdbus is NOT the same as jackd.

a. having jackdbus running on your system does NOT imply that the JACK-Audio-Server is actually taking control or owns your audio soundcard ever.

b. jackdbus is somewhat as a service controller that listens when a JACK service or client applications asks for the, yeah, JACK infrastructure (server) to be up and running, and if it's not, then it starts it automatically (via d-bus facilities of course).

c. jackd is the classic and (old?) standard way to start the JACK service or server, which is usually done via the good old and traditional shell/command line way, something that qjackctl excels in doing for ages.

d. badass JACK die-hards, like me, often rely on the so called JACK1 implementation--that said, JACK1 is stubbornly stuck to the jackd command line interface, de tout couer! quite unfortunately, n00bies have been faced to the hellish and confusing JACK2 implementation which offers both the jackdbus _and_ the jackd interface for you to get in trouble with.

Anyway, although there's a chance that you may get things out of control with jackdbus, eventually i say, with (badass) jackd you probably won't. sorry if this come so bluntly as it sounds.

however, most in particular regarding to jack+pulseaudio co-existence, then you'll probably have a thorny path to walk over yet, if you go with the badass stance ;)

cheers && thanks