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Thank you for the answer, Rui.
Actualy I'm very, very new to all this, and I'm trying to understand midi and all this stuff since a very short time, so don't get surprised if I ask silly questions.
Talking about my midi try, the track I wrote above is here:
I don't understand all the rest you wrote.
I opened up Qtractor, imported the "JS Bach, Invention in 1c minor etc etc", double clicked on the track, chose Plugins tab, added LV2 Calf fluidsynth, and closed the track properties window.
In the MIDI/Instrument part of the window I have Channel 1 - Calf fluidsynth - bank selection method NORMAL (in the options there are MSB bank, LSB bank, Patch) - Bank: 0 - Program: 8
The Programs window is plenty of numbers, the Bank window isn't selectable. There's only 0.
In the message window on the bottom there's written fluidsynth: warning: No preset found on channel 0 [bank=0 prog=7]
I haven't touched anything else, so I don't know if I have to setup something before to play the sample track.
In the connection window, I have this devices:
I've tried to connect everything but it didn't work.

About jackdbus: it sounds arabic to me. Lol
I start Qtractor directly, I don't start jack also because I removed Qjackctl from the system. But earlier I quit Qtractor, stopped and killed jackdbus process, tried to start again Qtractor (after sometime), and it freezed up. Didn't open. So I've tried open Ardour which has jack incorporated, and it started. I checked in the system monitor and I saw the jackdbus had started.
I downloaded and installed Jackd2 because I've read it's for multi core processors. I have a intel quad core i5 2.30GHz so I downloaded that.