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Hi Rui, how silly: yesterday I loaded calf fluidsynth but I haven't loaded any soundfonts. So the V meters were moving, but I couldn't hear anything.
Anyways I tried today and it works fine.
There's one thing not working properly: as I said, I start Qtractor without touching jack and it starts automatically when I open Qtractor.
The problem is when I quit Qtractor I see jackdbus continuing working (I hear the fans not stopping and the higher temperature).
If I open Qtractor again, I have a error message window saying:

the audio/MIDI engine cannot get started

Be sure that audio JACK server (jackd) and/or ALSA sequencer kernel module (snd-seq-midi) are up and running, then restart the session.

But the jackd is actually running. I checked in the system monitor and the process is up and running.
I tried the same with Ardour and even if I quit a session and open it again, it works.
Could you check it out?
Thank you