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i'll say it again, slowly:)

  1. windows VSTs are supported through DSSI-VST and WINE.
  2. DSSI-VST looks for windows VSTs executables (.dll) under the directories listed on VST_PATH environment variable.
  3. windows VSTs that are eventually found by DSSI-VST (dssi-vst-scanner) are listed on qtractor as of the "DSSI" type; do not ever expect to find them under "VST" plugin type which stands for native linux VSTs (.so), not windows.

if you still cannot find your way through this indirection, please tell what is the output of:

dssi_list_plugins -v

with special attention due to the ones under .../ ...

anyways, also do try to set VST_PATH variable to directories with windows VSTs and only.

also take a look to some ramblings and comments around here: