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QTractor on embeeded Linux - BeagleBone Black

I've been working on a project of an embedded multitrack recording device. I used BeagleBone Black with custom Linux, and for using it i wrote a very very little and limited DAW (in fact, i don't think it even qualifies as a DAW). I also build my own audio cape for the beagle, with 6in/8out channels, and wrote the drivers for it. The objective is to build a portable and professional multitrack recorder.
I started this topic to ask if you thinks it's possible to run QTractor in beaglebone black, so i could use it instead my program, for a more professional result. I'm sure i do not need everything running, just the minimal components to make it a functional recording device (track handling and editing, mixing, plugins support, exporting and importing audio).
I know i would need to compile all myself, but i don't know if beagle is powerful enough to run it.
What do you think?

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as a golden rule, you first need to make ALSA (audio and MIDI) and then JACK run flawlessly on that thing.
otherwise it's of no use.
once that both are primarily achieved, getting qtractor to work is second matter:)

Thanks for your answer.
ALSA is working, at least for audio... I have no MIDI Port (yet) in my custom audio card, so i could not try midi.
I've installed JACK, but in the program i made for recording i didn't use it. I compiled the system using buildroot, and any JACK versions are available in there, so i don't think it would bring problems... BeagleBone has 512Mb of RAM DDR3 and a 1GHz ARM cortes A8 processor... this hardware specifications are enough for QTractor?

I can already record and playback audio, but my little program for doing that is not nearly as good as QTractor. For clarifying more what i'm trying to do, is something very similar to this:

Hardware is doing fine, and recordings sound nice (at least for me). I just would like to know if Beagle is powerful enough to run Qtractor. It would really enhance the device usability.

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as said all relies on these two cornerstones:
1. you can load snd_midi_seq (ALSA MIDI sequencer kernel module);
2. you can effectively run jackd without much xruns all the time.
the later is *real*no*non-sense* paramount; if you can't make it, forget all else.

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