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In Restless Peace

If there is any death that should be mourned in the month of October [2011], it is that of Dennis Ritchie.
Dean Howell, October 13, 2011 --

Time is the ultimate judge.

Last week-end the farthest of longjmp()'s has been invoked. Dennis Ritchie passed away. One book that I'm keen to remember was, and still is, "The C Programming Language", usually abbreviated as by just The K&R book. K's standing for Brian Kernighan, the R for the now late Dennis. This book changed, or better said, shaped my role in life or may I say it loud, my role in the society as we live in or I know about.

There's an excess of a quarter a century in my own life on this nostalgia already. Wait, it is not quite nostalgia as in portuguese term saudade, but an ever lasting spirit that still lingers on.

Dennis, on that regard, you are still alive. As long as any C compiler gets its toll. You are immortal. I envy you. I cannot stop repeating myself. As long as any C/C++ compiler gets its due, you won't ever rest in peace. I'm afraid it will be restless for times to come. So, there's no usual obituary R.I.P. from here to you Dennis, sorry.

I owe [you] much.



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Today we celebrate Dennis Ritchie Day, an idea proposed by Tim O'Reilly and one that I fully support.


Its sorry to hear that another wise man passed away.

He Looking Soo Nice But :( He is Dead ,, Soo Sad News :(

the world just lost a great person . as a programmer i really feel sorry for him.

I remember his book: The C Programming Language, it was like bible during my studies. Very clever man.

I remember when I was trying to learn C there wasn't any good books around.

Yeap, great person has gone. I'm working with C now and I'm not hungry and alive thanks to C programming language. Rest in peace, Dennis.

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