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I see good PDF manual for Qtractor but not much tutorials online. I like OSS but do not have much money, so I donate time instead. I wonder if you interested in setting up a Wiki for Qtractor and other tools. Although PDF covers well I think it helps if people also have online reference. Anyway, if you interested I can help editing Wiki, just a thought. I have edited Wikipedia and one other Wiki for a OSS project before, so I know how to edit well. But I won't lie, I can't host it :) Not a super good offer, I know, but maybe it could help people, even if it is close copy of PDF.


I've spoken to the sourceforge people and the issue was that my username and display name differed and there was a completely separate user called "yuba". I've now unified these names.

So could you remove yuba and add yubatake please?

Sorry for the confusion :-(

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sure, done.

Thanks very much. I've updated the wiki now and will add anything else I come across in the future.

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Hi Rui,

Could you add me as a Wiki member too? I think I could contribute a thing or two. TIA.


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sure. Jeremy is now a member of the wiki editors.

please test by trying to create a new wiki page and see if you don't suffer from same permissions problem from yuba...


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I could successfully create a page and delete it afterwards.

I've been saying I'd help out with the qtr docs for some time so I thought I'd post here to say I've finally done something. So far I've edited and updated the first two chapters of the wiki manual:

I'll be editing and updating the rest as I find time.

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it's never too late ;)

thanks Dan

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hi everyone,

hell yes, after a very long time, almost as taken into forever deeps and back, i got something working in this topic, finally: somewhat automated the conversion of the whole or part of the online into an epub/pdf [1] and guess what, plain html [2].

check this out:

  1. Qtractor Manual & How To's: [epub] [pdf]
  2. Qtractor Wiki Home: [html]

please let me know what you think of this.

if nothing or no one stands against, i am willing to give all this a regular update and, most importantly, make it officially into the project web, ie. perhaps?.

[UPDATE] once again, all has been updated from wiki+attachments export as of qtractor-backup-2017-03-08-102040 and the epub/pdf are time-stamped as 2017-03-08 10:23+0000.


Hi Rui,

This looks very useful - thanks. If you're happy to include it in the main project that's great.

I haven't used e-books up to now due to tracking/DRM concerns, so can't comment on how this compares to others, but I had a look at it (using calibre) and the html version and saw a couple of things:

- "Manual - Table of Contents" chapter is on p147, but should be at the start (or may not be needed at all with an e-book, as the reader takes care of it - I'm not sure what the general practice is)

- I don't suppose we need the "Manual Draft" section, as the only thing in there was added to the wiki a long time ago, but it could be an appendix if you particularly want to keep it (e.g. as a catch-all in case anyone adds to this section on the wiki). *It's also in the html version (along with the old manuals, which aren't in the e-book), but I think it's fine there as it's in the browser like the wiki is anyway

- Links don't seem to work properly. Seems to be a far-reaching problem, but to give two examples:

3.6 Next Steps
Specifically, see [here] for more information on working with MIDI and [here] for audio.

Both these links work correctly in the wiki (and have done since before 2017-02-20 as far as I know) but in the e-book they both go to the start of Chapter 4.

4.8.2. Connections
a task which is achieved via the [Connections window].

Link doesn't work at all (like many others). In the wiki, it goes to the start of "4.8.2. Connections".

- "Yassin Philip" link at the start is broken. It goes to your rncbc site, while the wiki one goes to sourceforge. "junkyardsparkle" next to it is fine. It's on this page:

- The sub-chapters (2.3.1, 2.3.2 etc.) in the Table of Contents are a bit hard to read, as they're all on one horizontal line. The original wiki puts them on separate lines, indented. This is the page:

- Same links issue as e-book (though "4.8.2. Connections" goes back to the start of the chapter)

That's what I've seen so far. Will be happy to test again once any amends are made.


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