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Qtractor 0.5.6 - The Golf Tango release!

Hi there,

Maybe some of you agree with me, that this has been the longest since last dot release and the new one with the least brand new features count being introduced. Aha no big deal I say, the uber-procrastinator is just roaring its ugly head once more, specially after a beloved summer vacation season. Whatever.

Qtractor 0.5.6 (golf tango) is now released!

One of the interesting dots, if not the most, is that LV2 State Files interface implementation, once in a gruesome SNAFU support status, is now officially over. For the laymen it means that any files, referenced by those LV2 plug-ins which implement the LV2 State Files interface, will get righteously bundled into an archive/zip session file (suffix or extension .qtz), all other cases remain untouched. That should add up some notches on the session portability and archival ranks and purposes. Besides, LV2 1.0.0 compliance status is now closed business. I hope.

Moving on, slowly forward...

Release highlights:

  • LV2 State Files support (NEW)
  • Unused files clean-up removal (NEW)
  • Edit/Insert empty range (NEW)
  • MIME Document types and icons (NEW)
  • French and Japanese translations (NEW)

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The Vee Ones first true official release

UPDATED! One first bug-fix release.
4 years 5 months ago.

The proto-toys ain't proto no more, but still toys nevertheless. The Vee One's features:
  • a pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session and both JACK MIDI and ALSA MIDI input support;
  • a LV2 instrument plugin.

Yep, it's all free, open-source Linux audio software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

The Vee Ones migrated to

It's now official: the once called proto-toys have migrated to their deserved and definitive hosting location, now making them as full blown projects of mine and perhaps, dropping their sarcastic mockup statuses. So sorry for the inconvenience :)

The second coming of the Vee One prototypes

MIGRATED! to (see above)
4 years 5 months ago.

UPDATED! after a long Post-vacation relax ;-)
4 years 6 months ago.

heil to the proto-toys! see if you can see the difference(s) ;-)

Qtractor 0.5.5 - The Foxtrot Uniform swings out!

Here it goes.

Mostly a LV2 1.0.0 compliance release with some fixes from the stash and fewer candies from the jar. On the darker/brighter side (your choice) there's news on the LV2 atom(ic) fall-out now being officially over. A new dawn has commenced, quite like as every day follows every night, and vice-versa may I add :)


I'd better stop right here and save you all from that boring trivialities. Let's go with the plain, interesting facts:

Qtractor 0.5.5 (foxtrot uniform) swings out!

Release highlights:

  • LV2 Atom/MIDI support (NEW)
  • LV2 Worker/Schedule support (NEW)
  • LV2 Presets support (NEW)
  • LV2 Time/position support (NEW)
  • LV2 Programs/instrument support (NEW)
  • MIDI plugin event timing on tempo changes (FIX)
  • Loop-recording/takes audio sync (FIX)
  • Quick start guide and user manual (NEW)
  • Russian and Italian translations (NEW)

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