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Welcome to the Qtractor wiki!

This is an amalgamation of various existing documents, originally wiki-fied by junkyardsparkle and Yassin Philip, with updates by several others. The current working pages are as below:

Manual - Table of Contents

Manual - 1 Introduction

Manual - 2 Installing and Configuring Qtractor

Manual - 3 Learning Qtractor–An Example Session

Manual - 4 Qtractor–An Overview

Manual - 5 Qtractor Menus

Manual - 6 Appendixes

The How-To’s section, started by Sean Beeson, contains the following pages:

How To - 1 Compile Qtractor

How To - 2 Create Individual MIDI and Audio Buses-Ports

How To - 3 Set the number of channels an audio track records

How To - 4 Sample MIDI Composition Workflow

How To - 5 Sidechain Workflow

How To - 6 Alternative Sidechain Workflow with Aux Sends

How To - 7 Equal Latency for Tracks and Buses

How To - 8 Controlling a Plugin’s Parameter from a MIDI Clip

How To - 9 Distributing Plugins’ Load to multiple CPU Cores

Unofficial resources:

Unofficial tutorials that are worthwhile

Older manuals, which contain some different information to the wiki, can be found here:

qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt1

qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt2

qtractor 0.3.0 manual pt3

qtractor 0.5.x Part 0. Installing Qtractor

qtractor 0.5.x Part 1. Quick Start

Manual Drafts of features for future versions can be found here:

junkyardsparkle also started the Meta - Discussion page, for general discussion of Qtractor documentation creation.

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.