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Gone Home

Some would remember this and then, Alvin's now back home for good.

Although I was just a toddler at the time, I still keep in my deepest one of the greatest guitar licks of all time, more than Hendrix at the same venue, sure I tell it inspired a great part of my whole adolescence.

I hope I have more ten years to get back home like he did 6 years 2 weeks ago..

Vee One Suite 0.3.2 - One third bug-fix release

As they use to say--'round here at least--there's no second without a third. So there it goes, yet another batch for the Vee One Suite of old-school software instruments being thrown out to the wild. Usual suspects include synthv1, a polyphonic synthesizer, samplv1, a polyphonic sampler and drumkv1, a drum-kit sampler.

Same as before, they come in a duality of forms:

  • a pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session and both JACK MIDI and ALSA MIDI input support;
  • a LV2 instrument plugin.

Now, the (boring) bill of changes follows:

  • Pitch-bend, Modwheel and LFO Pitch range internal fixes.
  • LV2 State save flags now forced to be portable POD.
  • Sustain/damper pedal switch (MIDI CC#64) support added. (synthv1, samplv1)
  • Color palette hack on Qt5 dark themes. (TESTING)

All this are free, open-source Linux Audio software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

Enjoy && Have fun!

Vee One Suite 0.3.1 - One second bug-fix release

A new batch of the Vee One Suite of old-school software instruments, primarily slated for Linux, featuring synthv1, a polyphonic synthesizer, samplv1, a polyphonic sampler and drumkv1, a drum-kit sampler, are on the loose now.

Qtractor 0.5.7 - The Hotel Sierra is open, come on in!


Yeah. Not much to tell about the times I'm afraid. But let me wish you all a merry and great new year, following the one which end is nigh. Just in case you wanna party, feel welcome, by all means:

Qtractor 0.5.7 (hotel sierra) is open, come on in!

Release highlights:

  • LV2 Options and Buf-size support (NEW)
  • Location markers/bar (NEW)
  • MIDI editor line-drawing (NEW)
  • Punch & loop recording compatibility (FIX)
  • Untangled LV2 UI parameter communication (FIX)
  • Dropped libSLV2 support, honoring libLILV for good (FIX)

Vee One Suite 0.3.0 - The Third Coming

Are we still here?

Now, pre-mayan stuff has just sneaked through the new rapture delusion:


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