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Qtractor 0.4.7 - The Furious Desertrix is out!

It's TYOQA (The Year Of Qtractor Automation:) what else? But wait, there's still three months to go... Meanwhile the foundations have already been laid and one can now tell that a rocky milestone is ready to get bumped. Ouch!

Qtractor 0.4.7 (furious desertrix) is out!

Release highlights:

  • MIDI learn/controller mapping for all plugin parameters (NEW)
  • Extended Clip fade-in/out WYSIWYG curves (NEW)
  • MIDI resolution overflow (FIX)
  • MIDI tempo standard base on quarter-note (FIX)
  • Extended MIDI controller mapping for mixer/tracks (NEW)
  • Audio metronome gain control (NEW)
  • Mute/solo tracks while looping (FIX)
  • MIDI Clock support (NEW)
  • Audio clip import while looping (FIX)
  • MIDI track bank-select/program-change transparency (FIX)
  • VeSTige headers included for native VST plugin support (NEW)
  • JACK transport sync support (FIX)
  • Clip tempo-adjust tool (NEW)
  • Audio tracks auto-monitoring (FIX)
  • Transport back/forward stops on loop points (NEW)
  • MIDI tracks redundant mute/solo (FIX)

QmidiNet 0.1.1 Released!

Well, for whom who have tried the last incarnation of this thingy, as released just two weeks ago and found that JACK-MIDI support is a piece of candy-fubar, then this post is in deed for them--thanks, you know who and what ;)

QmidiNet 0.1.1 has been released!

That's all folks!

QmidiCtl, QmidiNet 0.1.0 Out Now!

Howdy! It's been a long summer hasn't it? Bad news is that laudable spring cleaning has slipped a bunch and in fact, is still on going with no end on sight, exactly as the uber-procrastinator predicted! ;)

Nevertheless, QmidiCtl, QmidiNet 0.1.0 are out now!

This release marks the fact that QmidiCtl is now made available from the official Maemo 5 repository. So that you can download and install it directly from your N900. You'll find it on the Multimedia section. Second, QmidiCtl is now fully configurable with regard to which MIDI events are sent and/or recognized. It's not MMC-exclusive anymore. Third, QmidiNet also talks JACK-MIDI now. Although (very) experimentally. And you don't have to opt out on ALSA-MIDI. You can have both MIDI interfaces running as long as you please.

Finally, Paul de Vries shows us a magnificent video re. How To: Setup QmidiCtl on The Nokia N900 with Renoise. Alas, it's on Windows and using ipMIDI as the gateway back-end. No sweat :) If Renoise is to run on Linux he would use QmidiNet or multimidicast. Take note that the latter only does ALSA MIDI and doesn't handle MIDI SysEx messages as certain as MMC is. Kudos to Paul.

Qtractor 0.4.6 - The Funky Deviless is here!

So much to tell, even more to do... then one could hardly shake, this long overdue. Lousy rhymes and no miserly times. And there it is: a bug-fix release, I'll mean to ease.

Oh crap! Let's get it through once and for all.

With huge compliments to all who got the nerve and report as many too much idiosyncrasies (nee bugs). Don't, never look back. There's plenty more ahead, no matter where you look, or hear, whether is up or down hill :)

Qtractor 0.4.6 (funky deviless) is here!

Release highlights:

  • MIDI Editor draw mode (aka paint mode) (NEW)
  • MIDI Swing-quantize (NEW)
  • LV2 UI Instance & Data-access extension support (NEW)
  • JACK Session support (EXPERIMENTAL) (NEW)
  • LV2 Save/Restore extension support (NEW)
  • MIDI Editor event list in-line editing (NEW)
  • MIDI Clip time-stretching (FIX)
  • MIDI Clip editor file salvage quietness (NEW)
  • MIDI Control bus switching crash (FIX)
  • MIDI Bank-selection backout (FIX)
  • Initial widget geometry extents (FIX)
  • Input-only bus playback crash (FIX)
  • Bus connection persistence crash (FIX)
  • Drag-and-drop cloning plugins (FIX)
  • MIDI Editor floating-selection persistence (NEW)
  • Audio inserts garbage signal (FIX)

A bit more or not so detailed change-log is found below.


Late spring cleaning interruptus for some ramblings and babbling about my trip to the International Linux Audio Conference, LAC2010@HKU-Utrecht, which took place at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, May 1st to 4th.. Time is failing on me, or wasn't that the top excuse from this one self-called über-procrastinator. Better late than never.

Once again, five times now, I came to attend the annual international Linux Audio developers meeting, as it is on my call, being my main motivation the same as it has been since always: to meet and find together all the guys and gals that make up the scene. And so there we were. I am sorry to tell that this blog entry won't be in any way a chronicle of the conference but more like something else. Just a messy collection of thoughts that were haunting this vacant mind during those days.


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