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Qtractor 0.4.4 - The Frisky Demivierge's in the wild!

What? No automation, yet? Yes I failed the promise once again. So what? What would you expect from this self-called über-procrastinator? As sure is one to say that this is the Year of Linux Desktop (YOLD:), I'll give you the shivers and command this one will be the year of Qtractor Automation. No kiddin' ;)

Meanwhile, this new dot-release brings you several niceties, a couple of them have been waaay longer and dustier on the all-mighty-overdue TODO list than automation is. Rejoice! or else...

Qtractor 0.4.4 (frisky demivierge) is in the wild!

Release highlights:

  • LV2 plug-in support (NEW)
  • MIDI event list view (NEW)
  • Expedite audio/MIDI clip import (NEW)
  • DSSI plug-in output control ports feedback/update (NEW)
  • JACK transport, MMC, SPP control options (NEW)
  • Self-bounce/recording (FIX)
  • Audio/MIDI drift correction (FIX)
  • Anti-glitch audio micro-fade-in/out ramp smoothing (FIX)

The Bad Apples Episodes

Klaatu kindly writes to say how he loves Qtractor and uses it all the time for podcast production and as one of the central applications for producing his two-person band. He has written two tutorials on Qtractor and covered it on two podcast episodes at The Bad Apples Linux Oggcast. Awesome! Happy Thanks-Giving!

Bye, bye CVS - All Projects Migrated to Subversion (SVN)

SVNFor whom it might concern, and pertaining the projects that are hosted in, good old CVS use is now stalled and deprecated. Better yet, it should be terminated from this very moment. All (my) projects, QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler and last but not least, Qtractor, are now served in Subversion (aka SVN) source code control flavors. The latest of the bunch, QXGEdit was already made on it so there's no need for alarm on that front.

Major server flick - built on SUSE Studio (TM)!

Su-su-SUSE Studio(TM)As all things in life gonna change, sooner or later, this server of yours has gone under deep and severe changes. Still experimental and by no means definitive. Nevertheless is now live again, kicking briefly or else. You tell.

All made amazingly possible with one stop help of SUSE StudioTM.

Qtractor 0.4.3 - The Fussy Doula released!

Fall is upon us. Summer is gone. Trivial speaking, as it marks yet one's another birthday, mine that is. It also marks the approaching bankruptcy of this funny F&D release code-names. One can also think as the last and stable release before a probable next generation do break all loose. Automation and full MIDI control is popping up over the horizon. So take all children home and be prepared for the worst. Nah, don't be that afraid. With some help from good friends, everything can and shall be arranged. No second thoughts. No hard feelings. Meanwhile...

Qtractor 0.4.3 (fussy doula) released!

Release highlights:

  • Audio send/return aux. inserts (NEW)
  • Mixer peak meters gradient eye-candy (NEW)
  • MIDI System Exclusive (SysEx) setup manager (NEW)
  • MIDI Playback/Queue timer resolution option (NEW)
  • MIDI Instrument definitions from SoundFont 2 files (NEW)
  • MIDI Output bus default instrument (NEW)
  • Buses dialog manager update (FIX)
  • Plugin references by label (FIX)
  • First audio metronome beat/bar (FIX)
  • Ghost clip selections (FIX)
  • Overlapping MIDI clips (FIX)


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