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Icon and graphics for Vee One suite

Icon set for the suite in resolutions: 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and 128x128. Version 1 with text directly on the icons and version 2 without that text.
Some promo-box suggestions.
All work is included in the SVG-file.


Of course you get to choose the appropriate licence for the graphics, anything you (Rui Nuno) choose is fine and granted by me.


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thanks. one question: is it ok for you to modify the source (svg) and making some possible changes or suggestions?

for instance, about the "big 1", do you think is a bad idea making it a solid body instead of 3 separated parts? one other, probably applicable to the promos or the bigger sized icons is showing up the distinctive artwork to the front?

hope you find my hints as positives.


Hello, of course. I have shared a screenshot in G+ where there are 3 suggestions for solid body.

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