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Inaccurate waveform does not synchronize with audio

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Hello Everyone,
I have been using two most recent stable releases, some months ago an issue started, I produce a podcast and use music in mp3 format, the waveform in the tracks I place in a channel have a lot of silence at the end which does not exists in the actual sound file, If I play from the position the silence starts there is still a lot of the music to be heard from just some seconds to some minutes. Next time played, the waveform and the sound match and I have not even closed the session or made any movements to the waveforms in the track.

I am in a big trouble here, I cannot trust the waveform to tell me where the real end of the music is, there have been times where I have to re-render the entire hour of the show because there is a silence from the music, and at the moment I was placing the songs in place despite the silence in the waveform, there was sound being read by play head. So I had no choice than to trust my ears at that moment, but at the time of bouncing the track the error manifests in full.

Is there any library that may be failing or any setting I am missing? I am attaching a screen shot of how it looks

Thank you


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you're not doing anything wrong but using crappy MP3 files :)

it's a known (very) old issue with MP3 files only: depending on the encoding (VBR are the worst in that regard), there's very little chance you get a sample-accurate mp3 stream. truth is, it isn't, never were, never will.

there's no fix in the horizon for that--MP3 (libmad) support is being deprecated and will be phased-out any-time sooner or later. as a matter of fact, most linux distros don't provide libmad (or any other mp3 codec packages), mostly due to licence and patent legal issues, then letting users rely on third-parties for that matter.

you're then strongly advised to use FLAC (lossless) or Ogg Vorbis (lossy).


I was afraid of quality of the mp3 files I was sent, in fact by electronic music labels, the encoding is at 320 Kbps, 44.1khz and 16 bits resolution, is the metadata I get when I open the files with ocenaudio, the solution I have so far is to drag the end of the object to the end of the waveform and it does the job in the final bounce. I believe for some reason I was lucky enough not to get this issue in earlier years. Is anyone aware of a replacement to libmad? Other software like mixxx still uses the library to play mp3 files.

Thank you for taking the time to answer mi questions,

All the best,


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Yeah Gonzalo, what they say is true, you should abandon mp3 completely and use a pro format. If you need to use some mp3 songs, first convert them to another, trustable professional format.


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