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individual bus freewheel

Hello Qtractor community,
I am really happy on the use of qtractor, there is one feature that I cannot make it work, I have the sc3 plugin successfully, it has allowed me to compress music with voices to make a great podcast, I have been able to group all voices in a bus and the music to another one, I use another bus to sidechain and it all seems to work but the only way to export the result is to send inserts to the master input and record in real time, freewheel does not allow me to get the final mix, is there any tutorial available or am I missing anything? I can send a short demo project and audio files for anyone to see if necessary.

Thank you very much.


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In principle, you have to select all the output audio buses involved to produce the desired audio export, not only the Master Out.
However it might not be always what you want as a final produced mix-down of all the selected output buses. Take care.

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