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Volume control using CC7, anyone know one?

Dear Anyone.

OK, this may be off topic but I'm a little desperate and someone might know of one.

I'm disabled and write music using MIDI and notation. Thing IS - not all VST synths have MIDI built in and the ones that DON'T I can't control. That's no volume control, velocity control, nothing. They're stuck on full blast all the time.

So what would be great is a volume control plug-in that works using CC7 which I can just stick in the effects chain on the channel, so I can turn the sound up and down. But I can't find one anywhere!

Do you, or does anybody, know of a volume/GAIN (they're the same thing as far as this is concerned) control plugin I could download to do this? There's gotta be one SOMEWHERE, no? If any of the products here would do it, please tell me which one. I just want to put it on the sunth and control the softsynth with it.

I know there's the Blue Cat one but that seems to be very hit-and-miss and I don't understand why, sometimes it finds the commands and works like a dream, sometimes it stops reading anything for no apparent reason. If anyone's happy with helping me understand what's going on with the Blue Cat one, I'd be ecstatic but they'd have to have a bit of patience as what's obvious to them probably isn't to me. (I'm not totally stupid, just a bit disabled.)

Yours hopefully


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If the plugin doesn't have native MIDI controller mapping, assignment or does not have "learn" capabilities, it will all depend on the host you use (eg. Qtractor, Ardour, Carla, etc.

Most of these so called hosts allows you to map or assign an arbitrary MIDI controller to a particular plugin parameter and/or even to some of its own mixing controls (eg. volume, panning, etc.), not necessarily MIDI CC7.


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