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plugin presets

Hi everyone-
Is there a command to save/load plugins presets (lv2 especially)? I see that right-clicking on a plugin, in the context menu there's the Presets function, but only a few plugins offer some preset values, and I can't find aby save/load command. I apologize in case of some instructions already present in user manual, but I didn't see them.

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you'll have to go into (plugin context-menu) > Properties... dialog aka. generic plugin's GUI.

on the top-left you have thsi preset management button and combo/drop-down list controls that you might be familiar with; from there you can load, name and save as brand new LV2 presets that will appear and be available to all other LV2 hosts and DAWs in the same way they use to; obviously, new presets saved this way will also appear in the (plugin context-menu) > Preset menu.

those named presets are system-wide; you don't need to save the session to get them back again.


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