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Show region labels and/or lyrics


I am still amazed by qtractor, my default template with input/output busses, plugins and default tracks just works.

Is it possible to add a label to a region like "Verse_1" or "Chorus_2"?
Are there any plans to add a lyrics line to add some text?


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you might have labels as (colored) markers: manage them on View > Tempo-map / Markers... or double-click on the top header time-ruler.

lyrics? nope. sorry.

Thanks, this feature is as helpful as it is hidden. I searched the documentation for 'marker' and 'region' but was not able to find it. Marker is often used e.g. for the editing boundaries.

I think a text line where you can 'glue' lyrics or chord symbols or comments/notes e.g. to a beat/8 would be a nice feature, so I make this now a feature request. :-)



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