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Running Qtractor from the menu


I wonder why Qtractor doesn't show up in Menu > Applications? I have Linux Mint 17.1 and can only start it from a terminal.

Not a big problem of course :)


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weel, this very distro specific question, may i say.

fact: there's a standard and plain "qtractor.desktop" file that is provided upstream in the source tree.

please ask your distro/packager instead why it doesn't include that on deployment/installation to start with.


Oh, I see. Thanks very much, I'll ask them.

In case other users search for this topic, Mint 19.1 still has the same problem. The file "qtractor.desktop" exists, but qtractor is not listed in the menu in contrast to some other kxstudio applications. Workaround: just click with the right mouse button on the menu and create the entry manually.


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