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qtractor with Gnome style theme

is it possible for qtractor to have a gnome style layout.

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why you ask?

under gnome as DE qtractor should present you the Gtk+ widget style theme by default; you can change that on View > Options... > Display > Custom > Widget style

though I'd recommend for you to stay away from the Gtk+ at all costs: it has been the cause of many GUI freezing issues, like when you try to open a file browser dialog and have sudden lockups or the infamous culprit to random MIDI input/capture blackouts, not to tell that IMNSHO the Gtk+ style is ugly as hell--but that might be just me ;)

also, dialog buttons are also shown in reverse order (something i despise the most).

and trending as of this later year, if Gtk3 is in place, having the Gtk+ style loaded into qtractor's address space, the crap will doom to crash when most if not all LV2 plugins that rely on Gtk2 try to show their own GUIs.

you've been warned :) but again, why do you ask?


Was just liking the gnome style at the time and was wondering that’s all

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