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Delay compensation

Does this program support delay compensation on individual tracks and buses??

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Oh really :( will it ever be possible on a future release

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plugin delay/latency compensation for tracks: likely; for buses: unlikely.


So what happens if a track has latency, can people actually use traction for serious mixing? Or is it more like a experimental program.

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a track has no latency; there are plugins that introduce latency to their effect; and more than one of those in those just piles up in latency.

there are qtractor users that compensate to it rather manually: shift-left or offset the clips in the track time-line accordingly; yes, it's an ugly and trial-and-error infamous approach but that's what you have.

sorry again

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jfyi. track plugin chain delay/latency compensation is under way...

note it's tagged as *HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL* as a git branch may be, named as xpdc

however, caveats implied, there's NO ETA on merging this into master... for crying out loud, looping is not sounding right and probably never will, sorry.

wholly cheers.

[UPDATE:] the 'xpdc' branch is now merged into 'master' (qtractor >= enjoy!

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