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A feature request - ghostnotes in the piano roll

As far as I understand it's hard to implement simultaneous editing of multiple midi tracks in Qtractor's piano roll, but there's an easier solution, namely showing ghostnotes of other tracks in the main track, and it seems much easier to accomplish, correct me if I'm wrong? It would be great to have ghostnotes like in FL, for example.

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Good news!

The View > Ghost Track menu is now for real on the MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll) -- in git head of branch 'xghost' only.

You can now select any the existing MIDI tracks and respective clips that will show in the background as ghost, dimmed semi-transparent events. See below an example screenshot where "Track 1" is shown as ghost to "Track 2".

Enjoy && Cheers!

[UPDATE:] the 'xghost' branch has been just merged today into 'master', cf. qtractor-

Thank you very much, rncbc! I'm glad that you regard users with care and amazed at how quickly you implement practical feature requests!

Funny how some people can't communicate their requests to proprietary daw developers for years, it's like common users are a nuisance to them.

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wholly thanks

well, tbh. I also took several years to make it through reality: the earliest request on this iirc. was informally proposed (face-to-face) during lac2013@IEM-Graz, one year later in this somewhat related LM forum thread which I've already linked above and reinstated again f2f on lac20152JGU-Mainz...

yes, i do listen to user's requests, eventually :) but as the old saying goes: it's too many (feature) requests, too little (spare) time ;)


This is probably good (for someone?) but I'd like to see things go even further and be able to switch to another track quickly from within PR itself. That way, the user doesn't have to leave PR only to end up there again after taking action in the arranger view. A pulldown menu showing available tracks to switch focus to would look great on the same toolbar where "Chromatic" is displayed.

As always, thanks for the continued work and support.

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the problem is that the qtractor PR (piano-roll) is a MIDI *clip* editor, not quite a track one. The subject being edited is, and has been since long ago, the MIDI clip, which one MIDI track may have several even overlapping each other.

the ghost track will serve as visual guides perhaps and only. sorry :)



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