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Crash on switching busses

Binary Data crashtest.1.qtz1.51 KB


When I try to change a track's output bus Qtractor crashes. Both audio and midi, and whether it's creating a new bus or selecting an existing one.

And then it usually takes a reboot to get qtractor back at all... (I've sometimes found the right combination of processes to kill but not always)

Any ideas?



k sent.

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ok. got that minimal session .qtz and the from the screencast you sent I could see that the crashes happens after a few dozen of bus switches and on my test it seems to be more probable when the audio meters are opted-in for the MIDI tracks plugin-chain.
I'll try to investigate and come to a better fix than telling you to turn-off the MIDI tracks audio-meters.
thank you for all your patience

[UPDATE 1:] found some old potential crap in the Track > Track Properties... dialog, wrt. changing current output bus on the fly: might be related to the crashes you report (as seen on the screencast you sent or maybe only partially mitigated (qtractor >=; please test and tell whether the odds are lower ;) tia.

[UPDATE 2:] make it qtractor >= !


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