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Can't hear sound anymore after Qtractor crash

hello everyone!

I was drag-and-dropping a wav file in the Audio file list, when Qtractor crashed. (session was saved as .qtz archive)
When I opened again the session to redo my work, I realized that files and tracks are still there, transport starts and plays, but I can't hear nothing!
In some ways I can't understand, the connections in this session are "corrupted" and I can't restore them.
I tried loading another .qtz and it works.
How can I solve?

In attachment my qtz file with the problem.

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hi, have you tried to load the session and check the connections?
maybe you wish to do all the connections from scratch and save to another session zip/archive (.qtz) ?


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Hi, I already did this... even re-doing the connections I can't hear anything

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a strange thing is that when playing, stopping, or changing connections, I can heat a "click" , a digital distortion noise. could you try opening the attached session?

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could you try opening the attached session?

yes, I've tried that (check the attached screenshot below):it loads and plays fine, meaning that it actually produces sound, even though it misses the LSP Compressor VST plugin which I don't have here.

could it be like LSP compressor VST plugin is the culprit for the worries?


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