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Forbidden pan

Hi everyone!
Could you please list me all the known cases in which pan (in mixer window) is disabled?

I created 12 tracks. Each one has a specific Bus for input. Since each Bus is a channel in my audio board, every Bus is set to 1 channel.

Then I armed and I recorded on 8 tracks. For these tracks, pan is disabled and I can't get to enable it

Thank you! Have a nice day

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hello? output buses that are set to one (mono) channel, panning or better said, stereo balance, makes no sense at all--that's why it's disabled :)
am i missing something obvious?

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... and then, never mind :)
The behaviour is due to the setting of a mono channel as output bus, as you said.
I didn't realize about that, since I was assuming having set a mono bus as input and the master bus as output.
I was wrong :)

sorry about that

Hello Rui
I try to use some templates to start Qtractor (a. e. to start with 16 Midi Tracks or to start with 4 Stereo-Audiotracks, etc) by using "Menu/View/Options" and then "New session template". But I can't confirm there any change in the option window, because the "OK"-button stays grayed out (the same under the tabs Audio, Midi, Display, PlugIns).
My Qtractor (09.12) runs on the same disk and partition as the system (Linux Manjaro 18.1.5). The Qtractor-files are on a separate disk.
If it can't be fixed, is there a workaround to produce templates and to use them after?
Maaaaaaaaany thanks for that great software! Blessings!

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make sure the file exists or is readable; also you must supply the complete absolute path to the template.

other than that check whether any other options are not supported, for example , Audio file type set to FLAC and sample format set to Float. etc.


The template file exists and is readable and the complete path is also there. The other tabs of the option window (Audio, Midi, Display, Plugins) aren't working too.
At first, it seems that I can change all things in all tabs of the "options dialog window", because I can switch/choose all options - but I cannot confirm the new settings with the "OK" button. The only button that works down there is the "Cancel" button. But - surprisingly - this will not store my wished settings ;-)
The color of the "OK" button down there looks like a disabled function (a faded grey in grey).
Other items from the main menu are working well: I can open and save files by "" and I can use the arranger window, the piano-roll-editor, the export functions, etc
Linux Manjaro has an Xfce-Desktop and I installed Qtractor by Manjaro's application manager (unfortunately, it installed qtractor in german instead of english).

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because your system environment is set to German localization (eg. env LANG=de)

you may try launching with `LANG=C qtractor` to get the original "english" version and check whether it's the translation that is flawing the Options dialog OK button.


...but the "Options dialog OK button" is still not working.
This evening, I de-installed Qtractor with manjaros software manager and shut down the pc.
After starting up again, I re-installed Qtractor (also by manjaros software manager).
Unfortunately, it has still the same problem with this OK Button (it's still KO :-D

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I'd suggest you start with a clean fresh configuration:

  1. Quit qtractor if it's running;
  2. locate the user's configuration file: should be found under home directory, in ~/.config/ ;
  3. remove, or better yet, rename it to something else eg. from the command line:
    mv -vf ~/.config/ ~/.config/ ;
  4. launch qtractor again and check in your preferences again, on the View > Options... dialog.

You should know by now that the OK button gets lit and enabled if aand only if you change a setting, any setting, and only if the change(s) are valid to proceed; the scratch configuration above is kind of a radical move, only about to dismiss on any old setting still lurking there from ancient versions of the program.


I renamed the .config file according to your suggestion.
Since then, the 'options dialog OK button' works fine.
Now, I can use templates, I can set the path to my metronome clicks and to all of my plugins.
Just great!
Thank your very much!

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