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Default Sys Input Disable?

Is there a way that I can disable the default system input connections for the Master Bus? I use Qtractor almost exclusively for midi sequencing and I have had mystery noise on more than one occasion because I forgot to remove the default system input connection. Even if I turn off my inputs at the system level, Qtractor has picked up system 'noise' through this connection in mixdown if I forget to manually disable it, I have tried to make templates with the connections as I want them and I have also tried to save a dummy file with the 'auto connect' feature unchecked in the bus dialogue... but nothing seems to be getting me what I am looking for. Those system input connections show up every time I start new. Any insights or workarounds would be welcomed!

I GOT IT!!! For anyone looking for a solution...
It seems that saving a template not as a template file but rather as a regular project file with the connections that you desire AND with the auto connection disabled on the master bus in the bus dialogue does the trick. Qtractor seems to treat template files a little differently than project files. But fortunately it will allow the user to assign a project file as a template that starts a new 'untitled' project with all connections as desired.

-Carl Irwin

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you could also set off "auto-connect" on the audio buses and save, but glad you make it :)


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