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What's the difference between Qtractor 0.9.19 (e.g. .tar.gz) and 0.9.19-60 (e.g. AppImage) ?

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one is the source distribution tarball (.tar.gz) the other is an executable binary build (.AppImage) or package.

wonder why you ask :)

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I'm asking as for the different version number!
I know what an AppImage is. ;)

I think "-60" is not related to its version number. In almost all cases, major and minor package version numbers are divided by . like "someprogram-1.2.8" for example. When you see "someprogram-1.2.8-5", "-5" most likely refers to different builds of the same version of a package.

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the "-60" suffix relates to the package build or release level. so. the next upstream release will most likely have the "-61".

nothing really important for the end-user, just a convention that is followed on most, if not all, packaging distros.

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Hm, which leads me to the question:

Why is there a need to have five or even sixty different builds of the same source package?
Doesn't seem to make any sense to me, to compile/build the same source over and over again until it reaches 60 builds or even more. :)

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there's no need, it's just a convention... the "-60" just means the 60th release since the erm. early 1st one, long ago?

anyway, you shouldn't bother a single second with this... it is of no importance to you as an end-user whatsoever :)

it is of no importance to you as an end-user whatsoever
Well, learning something new about their system and applications and sharing it is always good for free software users and their community, this is where our strength lies.. Floss users have no corporations to look after them c;

In thinking that the -60 referred to the number of builds done for one released version.

This might be the case for conventional binary package revisions but for AppImage it is merely a build sequence number i.e. qtractor-0.9.19-60 is the 60th AppImage to have been built since they were introduced.

Rui isn't a bad developer and certainly doesn't need 60 attempts at getting a minor update out of the door. :-D


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