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What's the difference between Qtractor 0.9.19 (e.g. .tar.gz) and 0.9.19-60 (e.g. AppImage) ?

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one is the source distribution tarball (.tar.gz) the other is an executable binary build (.AppImage) or package.

wonder why you ask :)

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I'm asking as for the different version number!
I know what an AppImage is. ;)

I think "-60" is not related to its version number. In almost all cases, major and minor package version numbers are divided by . like "someprogram-1.2.8" for example. When you see "someprogram-1.2.8-5", "-5" most likely refers to different builds of the same version of a package.

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the "-60" suffix relates to the package build or release level. so. the next upstream release will most likely have the "-61".

nothing really important for the end-user, just a convention that is followed on most, if not all, packaging distros.

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Hm, which leads me to the question:

Why is there a need to have five or even sixty different builds of the same source package?
Doesn't seem to make any sense to me, to compile/build the same source over and over again until it reaches 60 builds or even more. :)

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there's no need, it's just a convention... the "-60" just means the 60th release since the erm. early 1st one, long ago?

anyway, you shouldn't bother a single second with this... it is of no importance to you as an end-user whatsoever :)

it is of no importance to you as an end-user whatsoever
Well, learning something new about their system and applications is always good for free software users and their community, this is where our strength lies.

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