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i really don't know what you're doing!
where are you taking the samples from? if that's the case, please do not ever save under any ardour session directory; same for the each element sample files; have them stored outside the ardour session directory three at all costs; maybe that's the cause for the crashes.
on the other hand, you don't really need to have named presets at all: just make it all saved as part of the ardour session you're working on;
presets are for sharing convenience across drumkv1 instances be that standalone and/or plugin forms; they should not be taken from any location managed by ardour; you should export the audio files to somewhere else first and then later source them into a drumkv1 preset.
in conclusion, make yourself a favor and don't try to use any drumkv1 presets before you get it handled right as a lv2 plugin on ardour alone.