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Hi Rui,
I've had some time this week to play around with the latest CVS version. I was attempting to edit two files together, using two tracks. Track one 's clip starts at the beginning, while track two's clip begins between bars 64 and 65, and track one's clip slightly overlays where track 2's clip starts.

While zoomed in tightly, the edit point is perfect, well it becomes perfect after playing from bar 60-70, but at first, it's not. Each time I play that range, it gets closer until about the third time, then it's perfect from then on. Now, once I zoom out, the edit is no longer perfect, but off quite a bit. Zoom back in, and it's fine again.

Next, when I go to export the track, qtractor segfaults exactly at the edit point.

If I drag the track 2 clip up to track 1, it will render it out without crashing. However, the resulting file's edit point is waaaay off.

The two files in being used here are .mp3 format, and probably not the same bitrate. Could that have something to do with it?