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Hi Jim,

Can you be a bit more specific on this? Is it the audio playback that gets out of sync or is it the graphical waveform display that gets a bit skewed through zooming ? The latter is indeed an expected artifact, the former is pretty serious and intolerable.

Re. crash on export, I'm yet failing to reproduce that and oh, did I try. Maybe there's something you missed to mention. Anyway, please, take the chance to grab a crash stack-trace. It's a recent feature, have a try... ;)

nb. Stack traces are now automagically spitted out on a debug build (cf. ./configure --enable-debug) or can be enabled explicitly (--enable-stacktrace); no need for post-mortem core-dump trickery anymore; stack/back-traces should appear on terminal console output or written to the messages log file if enabled (as in View/Options.../Display/Logging).