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The new traces are in fact handed in-flight through gdb and spitted out to standard output. Now, it depends on whether the Capture standard output _and_ Messages log file options are set (in View/Options.../Display), you should get the crash stack-trace on the log file. Otherwise it is thrown to stdout which might get hanged up if you're not watching/capturing it (eg. you did not start qtractor from the console command line).

Did you say that your system is locking up as bad? Is it occurring during the export operation? There's at least a couple of reports. that vaguely relates to ardour2 being hung when exporting sessions, which points me to jackd freewheel mode. Maybe it's a 2.6.29-rt1 sidekick, whatever. I'll try with this latest available PREEMPT_RT kernel patch and see if suspicions are sustainable.


[UPDATE:] Happily running 2.6.29-rt1 now and export on both Ardour and Qtractor is all green lights. Scrap that jackd freewheel mode suspicion to being just rubbish.