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re. ZenaidaDebug.qtz

- weird. i don't seem to hear or see anything wrong on it. bars 1-20 on 90bpm, bar 21 and beyond on 100bpm. check--it sounds as i would expect... though i'm testing it with (svn trunk)... let's hear what happens with old 0.5.3... well, this is terrible but i can't see what's wrong with it either. can't hear what's actually going out-of-sync, as you say :(

- now, i also heard of this audio file listed in there (Zenaida2.flac)... are you expecting it to follow the tempo changes set on the timeline? eh, wrong! it won't. at least automagically :). dunno if it's of concern here, but you might reckon there's this automatic-time-stretching option feature (see View/Options.../Audio/Automatic time-stretching) but fortunately or not, it only applies when turned on :) and more importantly then it only regards to the tempo (bpm) at the start of the audio clip. only. iow, intertwined tempo changes do *not* apply there yet.

am i going out of range? :)