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You seem to be quite right. The MIDI channels setup setting doesn't seem to work as one would expect. No matter what, it always sticks to 16 channels. I suspect this is a (lib)fluidsynth issue, as qsynth just uses the synth.midi-channels fluidsynth engine property to setup the number of MIDI channels.

We'll see...

[UPDATE] It is qsynth setup dialog which is at fault here. The MIDI channels spin-box DO NOT allow any number of channels less than 16. Blame me who never thought of it eventually being ever necessary. Guess I was wrong :)

It is very simple to fix that though: just fire up src/qsynthSetupForm.ui into your favorite text editor and change the following (line 288 to be precise)

280        <widget class="QSpinBox" name="MidiChannelsSpinBox" >
281         <property name="toolTip" >
282          <string>Number of MIDI channels</string>
283         </property>
284         <property name="maximum" >
285          <number>256</number>
286         </property>
287         <property name="minimum" >
288          <number>16</number>
289         </property>
290         <property name="singleStep" >
291          <number>16</number>
292         </property>
293        </widget>

just change the 16 into 1, save and rebuild. I'll try to remember to get that right on CVS ASAP.

[UPDATE2] I've made the changes to CVS (qsynth However it's now evident that this change is pretty irrelevant: internally, libfluidsynth just rounds up the number of MIDI channels to the nearest multiple of 16. In fact that's exactly what was implicit in the MIDI channels spin-box minimum value property, before this change was taken. I should have figure it out in the first place :)

IOW, you'll get this messages on the console/stderr if you look closer:

fluidsynth: warning: Requested number of MIDI channels is not a multiple of 16. I'll increase the number of channels to the next multiple.

I guess you'll have to pest the fluid-dev guys now.