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Bye, bye CVS - All Projects Migrated to Subversion (SVN)

SVNFor whom it might concern, and pertaining the projects that are hosted in, good old CVS use is now stalled and deprecated. Better yet, it should be terminated from this very moment. All (my) projects, QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler and last but not least, Qtractor, are now served in Subversion (aka SVN) source code control flavors. The latest of the bunch, QXGEdit was already made on it so there's no need for alarm on that front.

Project web-pages have been updated and the new instructions are there available. Meanwhile, for the lazy, here are the new checkout one-liners repeated. Please update your cheat sheets :-)

  • QjackCtl:
    svn co qjackctl-svn
  • Qsynth:
    svn co qsynth-svn
  • Qsampler:
    svn co qsampler-svn
    svn co liblscp-svn
  • Qtractor:
    svn co qtractor-svn

All in all, it is worth mentioning that the bootstrap step has also been changed to reflect this major quake: where you used to Makefile.cvs it is now obvious that you should do it with Makefile.svn, like this:

make -f Makefile.svn

Ain't that gruesome?

Now, it will be just funny how many of you will ask when will it get to git.