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ok I just need to know if I can post links to images or if there is a way to submit the screen shots so you can see them but i got a before and then after pics during the time skype crashes the plug-in.

In the posting of "" the Virtual multi channel devices part is what kinda gets me really leery about just doing a copy and past from that site. but as far as things went i did all of the other stuff and my .asoundrc file looks like this,,,

pcm.idjcvoip {
type plug
slave { pcm "idjcjack" }
pcm.idjcjack {
type jack
playback_ports {
0 idjc-mx:voip_recv_lt
1 idjc-mx:voip_recv_rt
capture_ports {
0 idjc-mx:voip_send_lt
1 idjc-mx:voip_send_rt
} ------- this is what it should look like while skype is up and working and in a call ---- this is the image after skype crashes the plugin