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Ok, will be more careful with the filter Form (ant), I will not exaggerations ..

I quite curious because as a developer optimizes your system.
in my case (intel i3 3.07Ghz 4nucleos, 4ram, 64bit) and you have better performance?

jackd is in 48000Hz, 1024, with buffer 3. (rtirq, and jackd = open limits.conf)

yeah, usually poly sounds, use four voices.

thanks'll be more careful ...


lfo have reason (Reso) greatly affects performance.
I put Bss_Ld-Oeegrgr with lfo (Reso) = 0, and all was normal wing
Dsp = 3.8% and sounds the same.
lfo = (cutoff), it is the culprit, clear with Filter (Form).
I put Ks_Pd-Sirium with lfo (cutoff) = 0 and have obtained a normal DSP about 12% (4voces) .no sounds the same but ...

Thank you, you made me enterder the root problem.