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Hey on that topic, I noticed that those (dang) knobs DO shrink in i3! Here is a shot of what it looks like in i3 juust before the widgets begin to eat each other. There is no limit of size, and BTW this is how well groomed apps are supposed to behave in i3, so you can resize the container in any way you want

Still on that topic (Qtractor, SynthV1 & friends) on to my question :) the one(s) I came to ask : What's the deal with presets? Exactly:
- I got a directory full of presets for, say, synthV1, of which I use the LV2 plugin flavor, version 0.7.5 ; What do I have to do to find all those presets in all my SynthV1 plugin instances?
- The aforementioned directory is in Qtractor's Options, in the "Plugins" tab. Is there something else I have to do? Apparently yes, because the preset menu is empty :(
- Also, do you know of other Plugins that would store/read their presets in this very directory?
- Can it have subdirs?


PS - BTW SynthV1 is fantastic, but we all know that :)