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- I got a directory full of presets for, say, synthV1, of which I use the LV2 plugin flavor, version 0.7.5 ; What do I have to do to find all those presets in all my SynthV1 plugin instances?

there are two kinds of preset representations you must be aware of:

  1. native preset files (*.synthv1) that are stored anywhere on your file-system and managed only and directly from the own common GUI window's top-left and applies to both JACK and LV2 formats;
  2. LV2 presets, stored in the so called LV2 Preset user directory (~/.lv2 is the default) in the LV2 State specific format, managed by the LV2 host in charge; on qtractor those are accessible from the generic plugin properties dialog top-left with similar controls as in a. it also means that all LV2 presets are interchangeable and accessible from any LV2 host (qtractor, ardour, jalv, etc.) independently from which one it was first saved/created.

on both cases, a. and b., you handle each user created preset item on a one-by-one basis; there's no provisions to configure more than one preset in a batch or container process;

- The aforementioned directory is in Qtractor's Options, in the "Plugins" tab. Is there something else I have to do? Apparently yes, because the preset menu is empty :(

see above.

- Also, do you know of other Plugins that would store/read their presets in this very directory?

all LV2 plugins, on all LV2 hosts may store and read their LV2 presets from that very directory, provided the LV2 host is aware of it; note that in general the default, if left blank in qtractor options for instance, is ~/.lv2. take care that, if you choose something else, that directory won't be handled by any other hosts than qtractor.

- Can it have subdirs?
nope. you're a human being and NOT supposed to touch any of contents of the LV2 preset directories, unless you know what you're doing--leave that for the LV2 host application to handle: you shouldn't care and you don't wanna do it the hard way. :)