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nope. you're a human being and NOT supposed to touch any of contents of the LV2 preset directories, unless you know what you're doing--leave that for the LV2 host application to handle: you shouldn't care and you don't wanna do it the hard way. :)

You're right, and besides, AFAIK they're all sensibly named, with the plugin/app name as extension, so I have absolutely no PB shoving 'em all in a single big dir :) I was only asking ; I dislike complex directory structures anyway.

on both cases, a. and b., you handle each user created preset item on a one-by-one basis; there's no provisions to configure more than one preset in a batch or container process;

I'm afraid to understand ; You mean that, given 150 (wow, 183, actually) synthv1 presets in my dir, in order to read them, let alone write, I'm going to have to fetch them all from synthv1 one by one? That can't be..! And, from my experience, when you do that, I did it some time ago for Jeremy's Autostatic patches (now on MA too, BTW : there was only a dozen of them so it was OK, the list is persistent. So that means that, at some point, Qtractor writes it somewhere. So I must be able to populate this list myself somehow, programatically? Could it be... In a .qtt template, for instance? Because if I understand correctly (but I'm not sure I do) the thought of loading 183 presets, clicking with my mouse, makes me want to let everything go ;)