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Hey, I didn't post the previous MSG! My, this looks like a nasty Drupal BD bug..! :/

Anyway. At *every* run, really? But I quit & restared Qtractor, reloaded a session, opened synthv1 and there were my presets! But hey, when the creator of a software tells me not to do something, I tend to take it seriously. Rui, what is wrong with scanning the preset dir, maybe with a little sanity check on the preset file, like what is done on plugins themselves at startup/reload? Is there any justification for preventing (and/or making it so hard to workaround) the user experience (I open the plugins, the presets are here, hence the "pre" prefix) other plugins (ZASFX, Tal NoiseMaker, Calf instruments, etc.) provide? There probably is, and I'd really like to hear it :p

And BTW, I'd find it logical that when used as a plugin, SynthV1 would then use the host's LV2_preset dir, and not its own, what do you say?