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It's getting stranger. "make lv2" was succesful but "make jack" failed. BTW, the same story when trying to compile samplv1 and drumkv1.
BUT after I had installed the LV2 version using "make install lv2", I tried - in order to create a build logtext to quote in this comment - "make jack" again. But now suddenly the build was succesful!. I tried the same trick, first "make install lv2" and then "make jack", also with samplv1 and drumkv1, and it also worked there now, where it failed before.

A problem is I now can't reproduce the errormessages I had when "make jack" failed. I could uninstall everything from my system and try again if you need to see the error messages from the failing "make jack" session.

Another problem is that building a package for Fedora fails for other reasons. I will investigate and report to Fedora bugzilla for that. It's more an RPM package building issue.