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- I know there are lots of parameters to tweak, but the default parameters could be enough for a start.

to be kinda blunt, the .drumkv1 preset file is plain straightforward XML; you can edit it with a lame text editor if you like :)

when producing a bare-bones preset file you can omit all the parameter sections and just come up with the <sample> ones, like the following taken from your example:

<!DOCTYPE drumkv1>
<preset name="filename">
  <element index="36">
   <sample name="GEN1_SAMPLE">kick.wav</sample>
  <element index="37">
   <sample name="GEN1_SAMPLE">kick2.wav</sample>

notes: filename must equate to preset name; sample file paths maybe absolute or relative to where the filename.drumkv1 file is located.

got that?

- It would be great also to have a 'human' representation of the MIDI note, for instance 36 -> C3, 48 -> C4, and so on

well, for a the percussion notes it doesn't make any more useful or does it? that's why the element listing stands for the GM standard drum note/key names and not with melodic ones.

- And last thing, a 'reload preset' button would be a great addition, to be able to reload a preset without having to use the file selector.

that's partially what the "Reset" button does and for all other circumstances, just selecting the preset name from the drop-down-list (preset combo-box) does exactly what i think you're asking, rather totally and absolutely! ;)

- Anyway, thank you for your great software!