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while this comment quietly doesn't dismiss a deep hidden bug in qtractor, it is rather interesting still that once you deactivate qmidiarp lv2 plugin--ie. turn off the lil'green fake-LED:)--track export (> Audio) just goes normally (and sonically) as it should.

otherwise, I have experienced all these dang crashes quite often and just about when it's all supposed to complete... and still, the resulting exported audio file is there stored as uh,... silence? well, it is in fact not much different from what's played back in normal real time anyway, but that's maybe just me o.O

on the other news, qmidiarp git tree hasn't seen any updates ever since OP. Frank? are you still there?


[UPDATE:] In case you wish to mention to the qmidiarp devs, i have found that when the plugin's "Sync to host" setting is not in effect, it all seems to work fine: Track > Export Tracks > Audio... file is exported alright and no crashes.