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Thanks for the quick reply- got sidetracked myself for a bit.

It does look like things are stalled a bit over on QMidiArp right now, Frank was active earlier in the year, but doesn't seem to be responding lately- life gets in the way I guess. Hopefully things will get rolling again at some point.

I can confirm what you've said, when exporting, turning the plugin off allows the midi to pass through and play the source chords, but uneffected- no arpeggiator.

Turning off "Sync to host" does indeed allow the effected midi through, playing the notes instead of the chords, but it's all out of sync. :-(

At this point, I do have a work around- render the arpeggiated track(s) in real time, then mix them out- not ideal, but it gets me where I want to go.

Here's an example of what i'm doing-